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Hello from Upstate NY

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I stumbled on this site a week or so ago after ordering a Q3; my '06 A4 has 155,000 + miles on it and has been a real money pit during the past year.
Prior to, I had a '98 A4 also with 155k that met up with a big a** buck around a blind bend the first day of shotgun season in the fall of '05.

I have to admit, I was reluctant to buy another Audi after the crazy maintenance issues of my '06. But, after looking at what was out there NOTHING compared.

So, I await the arrival of my Q3, being built the second week of February.


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Welcome John - as I'm sure you've come to know other Audi model forums, I hope you'll find this one well populated with the stuff you seek. Also we look forward to your contributions - please visit and comment often...
Welcome John - The wait can be excruciating but worth it!!!!

I'm sure you will really enjoy the car once it gets here!!!
Thank you Roger and Joe!
I have read some interesting information about the Q-3 here.
Now that I have more time, I'm considering getting back into doing my own routine maintenance depending upon available Audi Care packages.

As far as the wait, I'll be enjoying the last months with my A4 and its manual transmission.
Hello and welcome from NJ John! Congrats on your new car, I am 100% sure you will enjoy it! Give us details and photos when you can.
After 8/9 years with a car I think you have to expect some maintenance and repair costs.

Did you consider any other brands? Are you upset that the facelifted version is coming out just a few months after the current model in North America?

Welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome to the forum!
are there vehicle from different brands you have been considering or just the Q3?
Hello Otto & Quatto-

Addressing maintenance first:

Otto, I agree that repair costs are expected but what put me over the edge last March were the seals of my steering rack blowing out resulting in a $3550 repair. The lack of fluid destroyed the p/s pump and the knuckle that was attached with one steel bolt and one aluminum bolt needed replacing as the aluminum bolt froze and removal therefore damaged the knuckle as well. One steel bolt, one aluminum? What is the engineering decision behind this? Also, last summer the rear passenger spring broke. This happened on my '98 too. Maybe an A4 thing(?).

My '06 was one of the first produced having been purchased in November '05. Around 53,000 miles the cam and fuel pump needed replacing as the lobe that operated the fuel pump was made from a sub-standard material. Initially, Audi USA turned a deaf ear and my local independent shop performed the work. A few thousand miles later, the ignition coils needed replacing. Some years later, Audi did own up to these defects and I did get some cash back. My '98 had some front end issues that they later owned up to as well. As I tend to service through independent folks, being reimbursed for eventual recall stuff does require jumping through some extra hoops but I did get some cash.

BTW, I am very diligent with servicing and staying on top of things. With the steering issues being addressed, I knew it was time to think about a new vehicle. A smaller SUV was what I had in mind.

So, other brands I considered...

The recommendation of family and friends was for Japanese reliability, I began with Subaru. OK but somewhat frumpy, basic and ???. Mazda better but..., than a VW Tiguan. Had a temperature gauge and the German ride and road feel. Getting closer but I didn't like the gearing and height.

Putting all on hold until last fall, drove a MB CLK. Very Impressive; but I didn't like the two batteries, rod to hold up hood (cheesey) and option packages necessary to get some features I wanted. Also drove the sedan version (CLA?). Something about Mercedes never quite clicked with me (as with BMW).

Also considered (but never drove) Jeep, Honda, Infinity, Acura. Just didn't appeal to me. The internet is a wonderful tool to narrow things down coupled with glances while walking through mall parking lots. I researched the Q5 and Q3 on the net and...

Pretty much impulsively just before the new year, called the dude that sold me both A-4's and we went to look. Cassie and I agreed the Q5 was too big for us and drove the Q3. That was it and we ordered one up. Have to admit an A5 with a manual trans in the showroom looked mighty sweet but the cost surpassed a threshold for us. Besides, Cass's Mini has a stick so I can still keep up my practice!

Went with a pretty basic premium plus, brown interior, monsoon gray, wood trim and sport package. There is just something special about Audi.

Now as far as the facelift. I'd like the additional power and "higher performance" trans; the suspension/ride improvements sound interesting as well. We'll see mine is being built in mid February and who knows what it might be?
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Nice write-up and response John, thanks - it's this kind of stuff that this forum is all about. For me having driven a Q3 in 2012 (a 2.0 tdi stick), I was a goner for it. In the meanwhile we drove a 2012 Kia Sportage SX AWD for 12K miles, which was really quite Audi like in many respects, but not really an Audi either. So following the Q3 decision to get here and knowing ahead when I could, ordered our's the first day we could. While I'd've liked the DSG and another 20hp, for what this car will mostly be used for, what we have will be just terrific. Plus, I don't really like the facelift grill at all, and lament its use across the rest of the brand. But perhaps I'll get used to's just a grill.
You're Welcome Roger! After I saw it posted, I thought was this too long winded?!

Bottom line, despite it all my '06 still runs & rides and the engine is strong. It will need more work by summer so it's just time for something new. Despite the maintenance costs of the past 30,000 miles they were still a good bit less than leasing an A4 for 30,000 miles!

That said, I don't think I'll be keeping my next car quite so long.

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