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Hi Folks! New Q3 owner here... well not that new. I drove my MGM 2015 Q3 Prestige with the sport package home in April. I'm really enjoying the Q3 and very happy with the purchase. Every time I feel like I've figured out the Q3 I find something new and interesting. It's as if Audi hid Easter Eggs all over so I could continually find new things to get excited about.

I've been lurking around for a bit and noticed the depth of knowledge and friendliness this forum has to offer ultimately convincing me to join.

I'm an engineer and have always had an affinity for cars, rebuilding my first engine before I could even legally drive. As much as I tell myself (and my wife) that I won't tinker with the Q3, its only a matter of time. I haven't been able to leave any of my vehicles in factory form. I've already started by adding booster seats for my kids (all kidding [excuse the pun] aside I know that doesn't count) and the all weather floor mats are sitting in my basement.

When I get around to admitting to myself that I'm going to modify the Q3, the first things will likely be updating some of the nanny features like setting the MMI to allow for rolling DVD playback, fog lights on with high beams, etc. and some power upgrades. I've been eyeing the ECU upgrades from APR Tuning to help in that department.

I look forward to learning from the experiences of this community and hope I can contribute some useful information from time to time.


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Welcome Steve - this place is both causal and knowledgeable - so I hope you enjoy your hangin out with us - we look forward to it...
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