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Hey everybody, my fiancé just picked up her Cortina White Premium Plus Q3 yesterday morning. I'm making the account because I'm more into automobiles than she is, and I'll be making any/all modifications myself (with her permission of course haha). I'm really excited to see what everyone does on here. I myself own a 2011 VW GTI which I've done quite a bit of work on (air ride suspension, VCDS coding, air intake, LED lighting upgrades, etc), and I enjoy seeing the small & large projects and DIYs that members take on over on the various VW forums. Anyways, onto the pictures! As I mentioned earlier, ours is Cortina White with black leather interior (and Quattro of course!). No other options on it, just a bare bones Q3 with Quattro basically. But I must say I absolutely love it so far! Can't wait for winter and the horrid snow we've been getting lately in the DC region.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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