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Help! Drivers side power tailgate control button came loose.

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the button that controls the power tail gate by the drivers side door came loose out of its housing. It is kind of just sunk in there and wobbly inside the grommet. It still can open the tailgate but not close it. Is there a way I can safely removed the housing grommet and see if I can reseat the button and then place the entire assembly back in. I imagine I would need a pry tool of sorts. Has anyone had this problem or can anyone advise as to the method to pop the housing out so I can take a look to see if it is broken Off or just loose?
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Bad luck there... Sorry

I would assume that you are still under warranty, Why not go to the dealer?
It will probably most def be covered under warranty. It's just a bit of a pain to have to make the appt etc. It seems easy enought to pop back in if indeed it is not broken off and it is just loose. I need to remove the grommet around the buttun and just want to knowif there is a way of doing it without having to take the door off and without damaging the surrounding material etc.
My fear would be of buggering up something else then the dealer telling you that you broke it and now you would not only have to pay for the fix but have voided the warranty... I would just take it in....
Best to have the dealer do it under warranty and get a loner if necessary. I'm a DIY guy but it really is best not to give an excuse to nullify the warranty on an electrical problem. Yea, a pain in the _ _ _ .
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