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Hi all,

Just purchased my 2016 Q3 P+ last week, and am a 1st time Audi owner. Did lots and lots of research prior to purchase, and am very happy with my decision. I live 50 miles outside of Anchorage, and work in Anchorage weekdays, so I needed a very reliable, AWD, decent gas mileage vehicle. Lots of highway miles each year. Just retired a 10 year old car with 200k miles on the odometer, so I am very interested to see how the Q3 holds up. I found this forum mainly for all the MMI questions I had to start with, and now most have been answered via lots of posts thanks for that!

so falling in the "my $.02 category" I test drove 6 vehicles before making my final decision, and to me it was a no-brainer. I test drove the BMW X1, The MB GLA250, GMC Terrain Denali, Buick Encore, Lincoln MKX, and the Q3. Of course all had pluses and minuses, but the overall feel, and bang for your buck factor of the Q3 easily surpassed any of the other vehicles.

I am going to go the rest of the winter with the all weather tires instead of purchasing winter tires, and will see how that works out. So far, I have not noticed a significant difference, which is very encouraging. In the past I had always purchased Blizzaks for my other commuter vehicle, which are outsanding winter tires, but if I don't need to change tires out twice per year that would also be great, and the bank acct will love that too!

wishing I was driving :D


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Welcome to the forum - glad you found us for some pre-purchase due diligence and now a member - enjoy and contribute - we like pics ...
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