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How finnicky is the locking system?

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Hi all - New guy here. Just bought a 2015 CPO a couple of weeks ago for the wife. Love the car (wish it had memory seats), but we seem to be having a problem with the keyless locking system. It works most of the time, but sometimes there is simply no way it is going to lock by touching or swiping the door handle 'square'. It actually requires taking the key out of the purse to make it lock. Is this normal? How finnicky is this system, or does something seem wrong?

BTW, we took it back to the dealer when we were in the area, and the service tech said, 'Oh, it does that when it's hot outside sometimes. Nothing can be done about it'. I live in Florida and it's hot ALL the time, but I don't buy the explanation.
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I have no experienced it. I wonder of the batter on the fob could be going bad but I am just guessing.
I wondered about that at first, but it happens with either of the two fobs.
Since it is a CPO - it could mean both need replaced.
Your tech is whacked - this system has NOTHING to do with weather temps - other than his IQ is about as high as the ambient temp on a COLD day. Replace the batteries first - your dealer will likely do this for free (which is NORMAL y'all) - if after that - clean the door handle well - and/or your fingers. This is a conductivity sensor - meaning grease or gunk or any other 'stuff' that may not be conductive between your finger and the sensor, it will not read. Otherwise these are VERY reliable - just try another swipe. btw, the rear door ones are dummies - non-functional at all. They just look that way well, for looks, but don't work.
Hahaha, found out today that you'd better leave the fob inside the car when washing it by hand or every time you come anywhere close to the door handle with your hand it obviously locks or unlocks depending upon how it's touched.

But what was more interesting was when I would stand about four feet away and point the water stream in the direction of the door handle and watch it lock and relock itself until I finally gave up and threw the keys in the cockpit.
I found it to be finicky also but I am getting the hang of it. I think it requires a direct touch on the square. Keep at it. I bet it works fine.
I've noticed that my key fobs don't work as well when in certain purses/bags depending on how much other stuff I have in there, how buried it is, and direction of the pocket it's in (i.e.: close to my body or facing outwards). My laptop bag specifically seems to cause issues. Might just be a bit of interference.

And just to make sure.....if your hand is inside the handle pull any amount, it won't lock. I think it's natural tendency to wrap your hand around the handle pull so make sure you're just touching the little square on the exterior. You can also change the setting to how it unlocks - single door or all door within settings.
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