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This guide will show you how to perform the instrument cluster adjustment via ABRITES on the 2010 Audi A4. More AVDI cases can be found here: AVDI Programmer Test Projects.


Start by running your ABRITIES software, click Component protection
Product Rectangle Font Line Screenshot

Select component protection type, then click “Next”
Rectangle Font Screenshot Operating system Electronic device

Click “Instrument Cluster”–>”Next”
Computer Product Rectangle Personal computer Azure

Select the method how to reset to virgin state
Product Rectangle Azure Font Screenshot

AVDI Unlock&Read instrument Cluster
Rectangle Font Screenshot Multimedia Circle

Component Protection Reset, now module is in VRIGIN State
Rectangle Product Font Screenshot Operating system

Reading Gateway by OBD or Load gateway EEprom dummp
Product Rectangle Font Screenshot Technology

Learn with success,module become active now
Rectangle Operating system Font Screenshot Software

More AUDI A4 repair cases, refer here AUDI A4 REPAIR.
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