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iPhone 6 and video question ?!? Please help

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum as I'm back in a Q car after a couple of years. Last year I bought a new Q3 sline premium + in Misano red and loving it !

However I need your help with an MMI question.

Recently I discovered that the SD based nav plays video and album art from a red collared 30pin mmi cable I've been using with a 32gb iPhone 4s... However ideally I'd like to replace this with a 128gb iPod touch (with lightning).

I have a green collared lightning adapter that diaplays album art but not video and have read about a yellow and now a white cable that may work????

I have scoured the forums and Internet to try and find the answer to "what coloured collared MMI cable can play video over the Lightning adapted with iPhone 6 /iPod touch"

But I've started to think this is not possible although possible with the 30pin dock.

I'm happy to go buy the genuine Audi cable but would really like to find out what works before doing so..

Any help greatly appreciated


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