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Just joined in here ...

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Current Audi owner (S5 - V8 TTS Supercharged - only one is US:D, TT Rdstr) and now ordering a Q3. Always looking for a nice V10 R8 too. Car guy for a long time (prolly more than most of y'all are old) and owned more than 30 BMWs (almost every M) before switching to Quattro in 2005 while living in Chile.
I'm a retired EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) Project Director, Chemical and Nuclear Engineer and all around geeky dude. I pioneered (the guys with arrows in their backs) the LED conversion for non-LEDs on Audi B8 coupes back in 2009 and am pretty savvy :nerd:with VAG-COM too. Looking forward to this forum ...;)
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@rnlabas those are some nice audi's you have, post some pictures of them when you have a chance.

how long have you been looking for an R8?
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