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Just joined in here ...

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Current Audi owner (S5 - V8 TTS Supercharged - only one is US:D, TT Rdstr) and now ordering a Q3. Always looking for a nice V10 R8 too. Car guy for a long time (prolly more than most of y'all are old) and owned more than 30 BMWs (almost every M) before switching to Quattro in 2005 while living in Chile.
I'm a retired EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) Project Director, Chemical and Nuclear Engineer and all around geeky dude. I pioneered (the guys with arrows in their backs) the LED conversion for non-LEDs on Audi B8 coupes back in 2009 and am pretty savvy :nerd:with VAG-COM too. Looking forward to this forum ...;)
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Thanks y'all ...

Just ordered the Q3 hopefully will show before the end of October : 2.0 Quattro, Tundra/Chestnut, everything. Already lamenting that we (USA) cannot have DSG - only get Tiptronic to save cost (I suppose - cuz no where else) at MSRP compared to Q5, and presently chapped that seat memory and Homelink also just not available at all at any cost - how dumb can that even be? Either can't cost as much as having to separate them in pricing and manufacture from electric seats/mirrors or rain sensor - both already standard in US. Just typically German pragmatics as far as I see...:eek: too bad really, but same on A3/S3/RS3 for US too...

It's not like I can't afford a Q7 V12, just that I WANT a Q3 with all the normal Audi goodies. A car like this almost always has multiple drivers, and in the US, Homelink is also almost always used, so why oh why merely overlook these? Makes no sense really - the seat/mirror memory can't exceed 196K NOT Mb, so this costs less than the wiring to connect the switches and probably adds no more volume either. But alas, it's NOT even offered at all, either here or it seems even in Germany or anywhere else. How can that be in 2014?

I will bore Scott with this at COTA WEC !!

As for R8, on lookout for about a year - looking for a steal prolly on a V10 stick spyder since no gold chainers want them :D

Plenty of pics of the S5 on A5OC, and gads it's great. Can't dive into corners like an R8 even with my big Brembo GT3s, but in a drag up to about 175, tears new holes into V10 R8s :D:D and sounds almost as good...
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... One of the first features I wish to enable, that I always enable on Audis, is the ability to open/close all of the windows in unison using the key, outside of the car.
I am already thinking on this too, along with keeping the DRLs on when turning, adjusting their brightness relative to headlights, night parking side lights with turn signal stalk, and a few others already tweaked on my S5 ...
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