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Hi Gents;

This is my first post here,

As of late ive been considering an RSQ3, i currently have a golf mk6 R dsg and seen the q3 as a potential new project.

i recently test drove 2 pre facelift 2014 models and noticed one distinct issue with both of these. i normally prefer to drive in manual mode using the paddles on the steering to shift, so i done this during the test drive and when applying full throttle in 1st and changing to 2nd there is a distinct kickback/jerk reaction from the s-tronic box which im not used to from the dsg in the golf.

What i want to know from the rsq3 owners is whether this is the norm with this box or could it be a question of the box having to adapt to a more aggressive style of driving in manual mode?

in auto mode it seems to flow through the gears smoothly under full throttle

any input is welcome thanks


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