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knocking noise heard on the right side

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I purchased my 2015 Q3 1.4 TFSI on Sept 4, 2014 and started hearing a knocking noise a little before the mileage hit 2k. I have taken it back to Audi Dallas twice and they just tell me that it must be coming from the front shocks and there is nothing they can do about it. I was actually looking at the Q3 Forum UK and saw that quite a few owners had the same issue and it seemed to be caused by a faulty right side engine mount. It looked like the faulty mounts had a serial number or ID ending in the letter "P". When taken to the dealership, ,they replaced it with an engine mount ending the letter "P" and the problem was solved - no more knocking. I checked the number on my engine mount and it ends with the letter "G". Just curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this happening in the US and with this particular engine mount?
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Hey - welcome to the forum - I'm glad you found us and hope we can be of some value for you. I'm a bit confused by your statement though. You say the faulty engine mount has a P/N ending with "P" and was replaced by a new engine mount ending in "P" and all is fixed. That confuses me. btw, 2015 NAR cars use an engine mount that ends in K (5N0 199 262 K). Unless your car was built before Jun 23, 2014 then it could have the "G" - but I don't think ANY NAR (US) cars were built before then, and more likely late July of 2015. So if you DO have this mount ending in "G", then I'd at least have your dealer check it against what was SUPPOSED to have been installed (the K version), and maybe make them change it. They can confirm this in Audi ETKA just like I have.

There ARE 5N0 199 262 P mounts, but they are for the 1.4, and NONE of them ever came to the NAR (and prolly won't) ... I suppose you could buy the P mount (it's about $150), but it can't be supplied by any NAR dealer, so you'd have to source it in the EU. I'd go back to your dealer with the documentation you've found on the UK forum at least, and have them check this mount and see if it isn't just broken (it's possible thru no fault other than defect) and see if they'll change it based on your documentation at least. Meanwhile, I'll check with Audi and see if there's anybody else reporting this ...
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btw, the EU TDIs use 5N0 199 262 L, and that mount is prolly even stronger cuz the diesel is a bit more naturally "knocky" ...literally :nerd:
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