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I recently purchased a 2016 CPO Q3, and made the mistake of not thoroughly playing with the MMI. I assumed it was the same MMI software as my 2016 S3, but sadly it is not. Upon first glance, everything seems the same, but after weeks went by, I've found many little shortcomings which make my driving experience less than what I desire.


- No 4G LTE (the 4G WiFi hotspot in my S3 is slow, but in the Q3 it's practically unusable)
- Very sparse radio information display, and you have to dig through menus to see it. In the S3, all radio information is nicely displayed when you tune into a station, including color graphics of the album/song/radio station.
- Missing menu items in the Nav, such as the ability to review alternate routes after route guidance has started.

I'm hoping there is a software update or possibly VCDS tweaks that could address some of this. Any advice?

My wife primarily drives the car so I did not notice these things that were missing. Conversely, she rarely drives my S3 so she didn't notice either.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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