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Hi All! I just recently found out about this issue with the Q3. I have a 2021 Q3 and two days ago I started driving and noticed my overhead lights would come on randomly. They would dim and then get brighter and I could not turn them off without them turning back on. Then, I noticed water dripping around that electrical panel. I took it into Audi and they said it was due to dirt in the sunroof drains. They told me that the electrical panel in fine, however, clearly it was not when there was water in it.
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They said that they cleaned out the drains and my car is already ready to pick up. Has anyone else had this issue where Audi said everything was fine? I am hesitant to believe them because the water was clearly all up in there two days ago. I don't know much about cars so any insight would be helpful.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts