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1. It appears that the Q3 does not have adjustable suspension so what does the ADS actually adjust? Steering, Transmission, Throttle?
2. Without ADS, what is the default driving mode of the car. Auto, Dynamic, Comfort?
3. Can ADS be enabled without the sport package since it is largely a software feature? Can it be added later?
4. If I don't care about rough weather traction does the FWD version give a little more pep or better handling due to less weight? Does the Quattro really do that much for street driving on this model?
Welcome to the forum! Here's my understanding/view...

1. The ADS won't change the suspension settings at all, at least not for the North America version. I am positive (note that mine doesn't have ADS too) that it changes the steering and throttle, but not too sure about transmission. Note that there is Sport mode too (independent of ADS), so I am not sure if ADS will just turn on Sport mode (in Dynamic setting) or Sport mode will be on top of Dynamic... Please chime in for those who have ADS.

2. I am guessing if not exactly Comfort, it will be very close to Comfort.

3. There are some discussions about this (see reply from AudiFox), but I don't think it's been confirmed. I would like to know the answer too.

4. Officially from Audi I think the FWD is slightly faster (0.4 secs) than the Quattro for 0-60. Personally I don't think I can feel the difference. On the other hand Quattro helps on cornering in spirited driving mode.

Have you looked at SprintBooster? It remaps the throttle curve just like what the ADS does (even more aggressive than ADS). There is a thread here discussing the SprintBooster, you might want to check it out.
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