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Lost a tire :-(

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I picked up a screw last night as I left my customer. So the good news is that the tire pressure sensor's work. My assumtion that I had a slow leak with the weather change was wrong and I didn't pull over until I heard a funny noise.

The tire wasn't patchable, so I have a new one coming in from the dealer.

What surprised me the most was that the Q3's handleing was not affected at all.
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Did you get the wheel and tire insurance? If so, I'd be interested to hear about that process with your dealer. When they sold it to me, they made it a point to state they never patch - only replace.

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Good question. I don't recall buying it, but I need to check. When realized I had a problem, I was much closer to Sears, where I have typically purchased my tires in the past. They didn't shine yesterday - I spent 2 hours there before I found out they couldn't do anything.
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