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Metal to metal sound from right front wheel

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I was out doing errands with the hubby this afternoon and all of a sudden there was a loud scraping sound coming from the right front wheel. We made it home and noticed scarring on the rotor. I called Audi roadside assistance and they're sending a flatbed in the morning to take it to the dealer. Any guesses in advance of what the dealer has to say?


Loud squeal, changes pitch when wheel is turned left or right.
Sound is continuous, and continues after the car is shut off.
Metal-to-metal sound.
Can replicate when car is off and parked by rocking the vehicle.

I just had it in for 5,000 mile checkup a couple of weeks ago.

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I think Ohio Joe's got it pretty right - prolly picked up something else though perhaps a nut or bolt, or even possibly one came loose from the car itself - unusual as that sounds. If it's a roadside pickup of any foreign thing, I doubt warranty would cover - perhaps under a goodwill. But certainly if it's your own piece of somethin' the warranty should ...

Hope they didn't leave something loose from the 5k check up -
Good for you!! Now you know what a little kundenbegeisterung (Kb for short) is about - 0:)
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