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MMI Update question

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Does anyone know if MMI updates and/or map updates are included during maintenance if available or do you have to ask for it or complain about an issue in order for them to do it??
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All updates unless due to software errors are by customer request and cost, whenever they are done...
And where do you folks learn of updates and features? I am not finding any site that shows updates or alerts to them.

They are funneled to owners by Audi directly or thru their Audi Connect account. If they are NOT critical updates, they are only noted to be 'available' and then usually at the customer's cost. If they are critical - e.g. navigation directions into a lake or something, they would be subject to national law (NHTSA for the US, who knows for every/anybody else) recalls and be free.
Thanks. So I can assume unless I get an email or message I am current? If so, that's great.

If I can redirect the conversation just a little. I did go to Audi Connect last night. Clicked on my car and was told I could unlock more features by filling in a Key User Agreement and taking it to a dealer. I did. Dealer says this is not available for a Q3. Only A4 and Q7 - perhaps more. Rudely I might add.

I'm confused and about to call Audi to find out why this appears on my account but dealer denies it. Thought itt worth mentioning here.

And last, I cannot get the Car Finder to work as it says. I have it on, no location saved, Save Automatically enabled and it does nothing.

Your assumption is correct - and also yup on the facts around Audi Connect - Key Users are so far only available to the new A4 and Q7 - I myself tried this a few months ago and felt the same as you - a bit jerked - but even AoA couldn't provide me a real answer about it - referred it to the Audi Connect contractor - blah, blah, woof, woof ...
sorry - don't have any better info -
Thanks Roger. Nice to know I am not crazy. At least in this regard :)
Confirmed with Audi that Key User Agreement does not apply to Q3 and is shown in error and Car Finder does not work on iPhone as it claims.
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