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My issues with Q3

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Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas!! I am new to this forum.

I purchased an Audi Q3 and received it about a week ago. Purchased a Prestige Quattro version with 19" wheels. It is monsoon grey exterior with black interior and black headliner. It looks great.

I do have a few issues with my Q3. I was surprised to find:
- No garage door opener
- No seat memory
- Can't lock the car while automatically folding the side mirrors (I prefer this as a visual)
- Park assist won't turn on unless you put the car in reverse. This is great for pulling out of the garage, but doesn't work when you come home and pull in. I like to use the audible signal for parking in my garage. When I called Audi help, they told me to push the park assist button before pulling into the garage .... weird.

I read about the first two items above on other posts, but see no discussion on the bottom two. Am I missing something?
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Your car sounds nice and welcome to the forum - hope you find and contribute what you'd like and need. HomeLink will be included in the facelifted version (2016) but I'm working on fitting an aftermarket module that should work fine. Not sure yet about seat memory, but frankly not optimistic - there's just too many things that are likely needed to be retrofitted for this to work. A few folks are trying to find solutions for this though. I too have tried to address Audi with both of these issues.

As for the mirrors folding along with locking and the front park assist, both which may be adjusted in either MMI or with VAGCOM coding - I need to do some research for better advice on them...
Auto mirror folding can be enabled with VCDS.
Have you got the coding details that you can share? Thanks...:nerd:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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