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Just got my Q3 Quattro a few days ago, and I'm really enjoying the car as much as I thought I would.

I did opt for the Audi maintenance package (the one that changes wind shield wipers and breaks amongst spark plugs and a variety of checks at mileage intervals) I only drive about 6-8K per year; I was able to negotiate this and my GAP insurance into a package at a discount and figured I'd purchase it and then seek more information as its cancelable. From what I'm reading this is probably an overpriced add-on, and I think I would like to cancel the program if others think thats best? Also, any recommendations on gap insurance outside of Audi, I asked my insurance broker so hopefully I'll deliver a lead?

Does anyone have experience with canceling these options, is it quite hassle-some? It only adds about 50 a month to my payment, but that currently my gas bill with my limited driving. Thanks for any information and I look forward to learning more here!
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Ops I should be clear to add I did not get the one that replaces break pads etc. The package I opted for only does a variety of checks and minor work such as spark plug replacement.

If you got Audi Care (scheduled maintenance) and NOT Audi Pure Protection (mechanical warranty), AND you're inside 30 days, you should have no problem canceling. Audi Care works well for higher mileage driven cars, say 20K/year - then it's worth it. If much less, then paying as you go (with the many discount coupons often offered by your dealership) is a better deal.

As for Audi Pure Protection, again - IF you're going to keep the car beyond 4 years or are driving LOTS of miles (say more than 20K/year) you'll find this prolly worth it too - BUT, many dealers bulk up the prices on both of these for back-end money, so know the 'right' price/value points for both ...
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Thank you so much for that information. I apologize I made a similar post on one of the next door boards. Any recommendations on how to cancel-it? I suppose I should just call the dealer, but I wonder if they'll refer me to Audi directly?

Thank you!
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