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New Q3 owner

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As a result of the DieselGate windfall, I traded my 2011 TDI Wagon in for a dealer demo 2015 Audi Q3 Florett Silver Progressiv Quattro. It has Navigation, Sport package, power tailgate & rear parking sensors.

I've done a bunch of minor VCDS changes so far including adding the Gear number to show while in Drive, windows including sun roof up and down by key fob, rear hatch open and close by key fob, enabled Gauge Pointer Sweep on Start, left the DRLs on when using turn signal (although I want to modify that to alternate between signal and DRL), and a few other little things.


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Welcome to the forum - I'm sure and hope that you'll find some cool stuff here - nice car, and we're so glad to have you ...
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