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Oil Leak (Low Oil Pressure) on my '15 Q3

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Had an oil change in February and two weeks ago I was driving and the low oil pressure light flashed on...Immediately turned off the car, called AAA and had it towed to the dealer.

Here's the thing...They told me the mechanic who did the last oil change (btw this is someone who I trust completely and who works on all high end cars) didn't change the washer on the oil pan.

That is a bunch of bs because he gets the oil filter and the washer from his distributor (which is is an OEM part ) and he's never screwed up with an oil change in his life.

Then the dealer told me he never changed the oil filter...again a bunch of bs...

Here's the coincidence...I had a flat tire this week and I had to have him order two new tires to put on and we had another discussion about the oil leak

He had a customer last week who had a 2013 Q5 which has the same engine as the '15 Q3 and he happened to see a bit of oil on his driveway.

He did some research and he thinks because the washer doesn't expand and contract it causes an oil leak, so the washer is faulty.

If you google the subject you'll see there is a problem with others too.

I'm going to keep an eye on the oil pressure warning this time. If it happens again I can now turn to the dealer and ask them this time to explain since they changed the oil why it leaked again

BTW, this episode cost me an oil change and a new felt pan from the dealer...($79 for the oil change and $219 for the felt pan( it was soaked with oil from the leak)

I now have to have my oil changed from now on at the dealer because I can't prove anything if it happens again unless they've done the work...
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Normally I would agree with you but my mechanic owns his own shop. With all the high end cars he works on he makes a lot more money on them than he would on my little oil change. When I say high end cars I'm not talking just audis and BMW's but Land Rovers, Porsches, Ferraris, etc.
Also, reusing the washer would not even be an issue since the kit he gets includes the filter AND a new washer.

With only 16,000 miles I haven't had many oil changes to see if there is a faulty part. If it is faulty at least now I have some recourse to go back to them and tell them they were full of s**t about my mechanic screwing up.
Interesting...I'll talk to my mechanic, bring this up to him and get more info...Thanks..
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