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Paintless Dent Removal

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Well, it has happened already. A week into getting our Q3, we have spotted a dent. This has reaffirmed the need to park as far as way from everyone else as possible. Regardless, I was looking up repair services and there are a few Paintless Dent Removal locations where I live (northern NJ) that have positive reviews. Has anyone ever had this service done to fix their dents or are there alternatives that I could perhaps do on my own?

The dent is on the driver real wheel side, right on the wheel well-bumper crease. Image is attached.


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Funny stories...but I do wonder if people see us cautious parkers leaving our vehicles far away and decide to mess with us by parking right next them.

Just got a second quote from a local company that is priced between $175-250. Instead of Painless Dent Removal, they would use a procedure called Glue Pulling to remove the dent. Need to think this over.
I have used PDR several times and on different cars. I think your quotes are on the high side, If you go to a body shop or worse the dealer, they are going to jack up the price. There are companies out here that work out of their own store fronts and they send techs out to body shops and or dealers to do the work. Find a indy dealer.
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