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Paintless Dent Removal

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Well, it has happened already. A week into getting our Q3, we have spotted a dent. This has reaffirmed the need to park as far as way from everyone else as possible. Regardless, I was looking up repair services and there are a few Paintless Dent Removal locations where I live (northern NJ) that have positive reviews. Has anyone ever had this service done to fix their dents or are there alternatives that I could perhaps do on my own?

The dent is on the driver real wheel side, right on the wheel well-bumper crease. Image is attached.


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I was hit by a shopping cart a few weeks after getting my Audi Q3. I took it to my usual bodyshop that quoted me $2000 due to the glacier white paint. I took it on a whim to a paintless dent removal guy I had used for my previous car. $250 and a few hours later, the dent was totally invisible. I truly cannot even see it. It was actually a series of dents underneath the passenger door mirror.

I would find someone with good reviews and at least get a quote. The honest guys will tell you if the job is too much for them.
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