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Hello! So I've only had my new Q3 for 4 days, and I'm scheduled today to drop her off for pinstriping. Realizing that many think of striping as "so yesterday," I am still a fan because it makes my car stand out from the rest. I hate having a car that looks like a bunch of others.

I'm just going to have two slim lines from front to back on each side, in varying shades of lavender/pink, with the Audi rings in purple toward the back.

My question is: is it okay to do this process to a car with paint that is so new? Does the factory paint process bake and seal it so it's not delicate once delivered? Please advise!!

Thank you.
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Excellent, I like it! you sure don't waste any time now do you!!!
Not so subtle on the second iteration!!!!
Don't worry Joe, I was just playing around with where to place the rings...not true to size!
Do you like the rings better on the door, or further back?
Phew, That was scary...
Working within the pin striping, I preferred it further back. But I also liked Rogers on the doors but that as a more stand alone option. Being really picky I liked the 1st iteration, would use thin maybe 1/16" stripes, maybe extend it forward a bit and make the rings very subtle... Again thats me...

The important thing is find something that you like!!!

Mr. Duffer - "Eight Audi logos" lets see.... Hum, if you take two 8's and turn them sideways and squeeze them together that would be one Audi logo. Now if we have eight logos that would be equal too... ooooh my brain, its way too early for this, I'm getting another cup of coffee (In my Audi logo'd cup of course) Oh no another logo!!!

Have a good day!!!
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