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Hello! So I've only had my new Q3 for 4 days, and I'm scheduled today to drop her off for pinstriping. Realizing that many think of striping as "so yesterday," I am still a fan because it makes my car stand out from the rest. I hate having a car that looks like a bunch of others.

I'm just going to have two slim lines from front to back on each side, in varying shades of lavender/pink, with the Audi rings in purple toward the back.

My question is: is it okay to do this process to a car with paint that is so new? Does the factory paint process bake and seal it so it's not delicate once delivered? Please advise!!

Thank you.
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Hope you're not violating any copyright laws with those rings. Audi may come after you! wink wink.

it will give your car a distinctive differential vs all the other white Q3s. Nice.
Now, now Vestergirl...don't be second guessing yourself. Enjoy that beautiful paint job that will be sure to make your Q3 stand out in your neck O' the woods. And then if you are still dissatisfied after time goes by, with that excellent credit rating you established, you can just stroll on down to your friendly Audi dealer and order a 2nd Q3 and try the larger sized rings.

Now you have me thinking about what I could do to individualize my soon to arrive Mythos Black Q3....saw one turn off on a side street about a mile from our house on my way home from work yesterday..of course it was a 2015...looked so pretty. I think I'll stay away from pink though...... :)
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