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Good Morning,
I just wanted to say hi as I will potentially be a new Q3 owner soon. The car is for my wife and we have done the dealership visits and narrowed it down to the 3:

BMW X1 - no idea when the new model will be available.
Merc GLA - not different enough to her A class at the moment
Q3 - Drove it on Saturday and she really like it.

I have a couple of questions before we go back to the dealer.
Is there a new Q3 model being released soon? I see there are a couple rumors for the beginning of Q1 but they seem to be related to the US market?
What deals have people got in the last year? From scanning the forums and chekcing brokers it looks like 10% off is not out of the question.

My wive specifically likes the Sport 35 in blue I see nothing that would make the sline worth the extra money unless I am missing something?
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