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Hello all,
Ordered a 2017 Glacier White Q3 with Tecknik and S Line on Saturday. I have looked around but can't find answers of MY2017.
Does anyone know if Apple Car play is in the MMI ?
Also, is there a Homelink button programmable for Garage door opener ?

Thank you

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First, sad to say that ApplePlay is NOT included in the Q3 MMI just yet - await the next re-do of the car (due in 2019) to have it. As for Homelink - there is a PIO (Port Installed Option) that some dealers and area tech managers can install for you if your car doesn't have it (or since you just ordered the car - check with your ABS to be sure it DOES come with it. It's not cheap though - expect about USD300. Look around here and you'll find some alternatives that will work as well and integrate about as well too...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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