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Q3 Cargo Roof Rack

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I recently traded my Q3 in and we still have the cargo roof rack bars. Any suggestions on getting rid of them? They are the custom Audi bars. We also have the Inno storage box, Q3 floor mats and the cargo liner. I'm located in the Sacramento, CA area.
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Can you take pics of floor mats and inno storage box?

I attached a picture of what I have. The Inno storage box sold.


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If you still have the roof racks, I might be interested. How much do you want for them?
I still have them. Email me and we can discuss price and shipping if needed. t.espinoza (at)
Wouldn't let me post my full email. Hope that makes sense.
I am interested in the roof rack, if it is still available. I am located in Northern CA too.
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