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Greetings from the Left Coast (of the USA at least)...Proud new owners of a 2016 Q3... So far we are lovin it....:)

I'm a retired IT Support Professional. Retired form DEC/Compaq/HP after 32 years as a tech, and VMS support person...

My Lovely Wife is also retired, though recently went back for a short stint working for the State of California... We live in Northern California, near the San Francisco Bay Area

Mike & Betsy are the-webbs
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Welcome Q3 Newbie. I grew up in your neck O' the woods in the small town of Piedmont. Good stuff on this Forum...I've picked up several great tips here already. Us "soon to be 2016 Q3 owners" love to hear these positive reports from you current owners. What do you love about your Q3? Anything you don't like about it so far? My new Q3 is 2 days out from the port in San Diego and I'm about 2-3 weeks away from it landing in my garage here in the PNW.
Welcome from Ohio (North Coast)!! Glad you enjoy the car!
Hi John... We live in Pleasant Hill...My Daughter and her Husband live in Montclair, so I know where your old stomping grounds are...

We traded in our second Honda CRV, for the Q3.... It is hard to pin-point what exactly is better about the is just much more 'sure-footed'. The power is much more readily available. One thing both my Wife and I noticed was how easy it was to be going WAY faster than the Speed really have to watch it. The BOSE audio system is very nice as well..

We just returned from a trip to our summer cabin in the Sierras, and it was a dream to drive on the twisty mountain roads...

it is sort of like a rolling video game with all the features in the MMI.

So far the only down side is storage... there could be a bit more storage, but we can live with it...
We live in Pleasant Hill...My Daughter and her Husband live in Montclair, so I know where your old stomping grounds are....
Like cableguy, I too am awaiting delivery of our 2016 Q3.....probably another 3 weeks, or so, which is much sooner than originally expected.

So, my wife's parents lived on Vivian in Pleasant Hill forever, and I "grew up" in Montclair (a long time ago) and visit the area yes, I would say we too know the area.
Funny thing though.....more and more Californians are finding their way to the PNW...:(
Hey this is starting to feel like a Bay Area "reunion". Out of 5 kids I'm the only one to leave the Bay area. Two in Pleasant Hill, one in Santa Cruz and one in San Carlos and this rebel who left the state to his dear departed mother's chagrin. We also have a family cabin in the Sierras...Twain Harte. You don't need to tell me about Californian's making their way to the north...we're growing like crazy and it's mainly Seattle and Ca feeder markets. Mike - Thanks for the insights into what you love about the Q3. I like hearing it's "sure-footed". Just drove my wife's new 2015 Outback 6cyl. Plenty of power and a comfortable ride but driving through the Cascades it just doesn't feel sure-footed going through the curves. I'm used to a Mini, low and road hugging, so I really have a hard time with a car that feels a bit mushy in a winding road situation. Hoping the Q3 is more "Mini-like" felt good on the test drive. I also found the Outback's Infotainment system to be okay but not stellar.... I didn't really spend any time with the Q3's audio system so am looking forward to playing with it in a few weeks.
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Great to have another Audi owner here. Show it to us when you have a chance! There are so many owners on this site that if you ever need help or advise on anything, someone will have the answers. Enjoy your time here!
Welcome to the club, great choice of vehicle for your retirement years, perfect for a couple at the stage you and your wife are at. Were you by any chance looking into anything from Mercedes, BMW and other competing brands?
Quatto;62178 Were you by any chance looking into anything from Mercedes said:
We did look, briefly at the BMW x1 and the Mercedes GLA... Neither of them could compete on price vs feature set. Since we travel to the mountains in the winter we wanted an AWD vehicle... as soon as we selected that feature on the other cars, their price point went way out of our budget zone... After test driving them all, the Audi was a clear winner, and the least expensive of the lot...your basic Win-Win... We have had it about a month and can't see anything we would change, other than storage space, but we can live with that....
2016 Q3 Pictures

Some body asked for some pictures.....


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Looks great. I'm not sure if I have seen that color in "real life" pictures yet.

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you. :D
Nice wheels and Welcome to the forum - hope you visit often and find much -
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