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Q3 Trailer Hitch?

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Hi. I'm looking for a trailer hitch for the rear of my Q3, to tow a small boat trailer. Would rather not have to remove the entire rear bumper cover and bumper assembly. Does anyone know of a bolt on hitch that's made to fit the Q3? I'm not coming up with any useful information in my on-line searches so far. Thanks,
Steve in PA
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What Trailer Hitch systems have you come across already?
I haven't looked for any as yet but I will as this is also something I need but maybe not with same need for simplicity, still, that would be nice.

How big of a boat are you towing?
Good to know.

I'm starting to think if universal hitches are a thing, i could see it happen, being adjustable with locking pins. I'll have a look around and let you know, it might be one route to go .
Update #2 : I ordered the Curt hitch only to find out it is NLA. However, I was able to locate limited stock at U Haul, who carries the identical part, obviously made for them by Curt, but with a different part #. Luckily a local U Haul had one left in stock, really dusty and a little scratched, so I nabbed it. I'll let you all know how it mounts up sometime this weekend.
awesome, looking forward to you response.
good shot of the hitch, i like how the undercover creates some great clearance for a hitch bar
Ok guys mine is complete pics coming asap
Great, looking forward to seeing pictures of it.
For one you do want to buy an interior pry tool just to make sure you don't break anything. The other option is to find a way you can make your own pry tool if you want a cheaper route, might be possible to use some house hold stuff.
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