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Q3 Trailer Hitch?

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Hi. I'm looking for a trailer hitch for the rear of my Q3, to tow a small boat trailer. Would rather not have to remove the entire rear bumper cover and bumper assembly. Does anyone know of a bolt on hitch that's made to fit the Q3? I'm not coming up with any useful information in my on-line searches so far. Thanks,
Steve in PA
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Steve - welcome to the forum - hope you find and contribute to stuff of interest for you here -

As for your trailer-hitch request, have you checked with your stealer? There is a factory kit (~$170) that is designed for the Q3 specifically and is bolt-on. I'll check on the exact part numbers and prices for you in the morning ... are you in the US?
How's about this?

Can't check availability in the US yet - will try tomorrow. It's RICH though - EU prices are about €750 :crying:
...and so does the USA Accessories guide :

Here's the pic (from above) - link insertion works better from PC than iPad -

and another ... from ETKA

...will check availabilty in US and pricing shortly ...
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You can see from the ETKA drawing, the hitch mounts NOT to the bumper, but to the frame rails. btw, the answer above is chicken$hit - you're right in the ROW, there's at least 2 engines making less power and torque than we get and they let them tow ... Shoot fire, even the 2.0 Q5 can tow, and IT weighs more by almost 600 lbs ! What a dickfor.
Btw y'all - that hitch even though shown in the US accessories book for the Q3 is NOT available in the US, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand or Australia... Go figure. At some €650 to start with that package looks to weigh at least 50 Kg and the large part is prolly at least 150 cm x 80-100 cm, that package would likely cost a lot to ship if even able to... The Thule kit is prolly soon to be available here and historically a much better investment with good quality too.
Did you check the Audi P/N - that's the one that cost €650 - at least what I can find ... your price is MUCH more reasonable -
There are some differences under the bumper cover, which is the same although we don't get the S-line or RS versions yet (and there's an India-only version for the SE, whatever that is) - but for example the aluminum crush tubes are a bit different in compressive characteristics, but the channels (unibody parts) that they fit into and bolt in are the same. Where you will bolt up either the OEM Kit or an aftermarket version, should be the same. As CocoPops mentioned, you may have get a different ball, but that's an easy change...
Great Job !! Now we have evidence of a real Audi scofflaw>:D
They're prolly buying up the Curt design, since I'm SURE it's much more cost effective than the near $1000 the normal OEM hitch costs...
It's basically bolt-on, but you'll have to make a small cut-trim in the plastic under panel below the bumper where the hitch comes out-thru. Even if you later take it off, it will be pretty well un-noticeable...
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Great work -thanks for the pic and the pioneering ...
@Sweetsally - this link is for the A3 - is that what you put on your Q3? I suspect that they may be similar and possibly the same - but just curious to know. The site does NOT have the Q3 there.

...this A3 hitch appears to be a Curt 113993 which I think is prolly DIFFERENT than what we'd need for a Q3 - which as noted above would be the Curt 125541 or Uhaul 36335

I don't know what happen to the link on the previous comment
Thanks Juan - this link works fine, but unfortunately the links within his blog do not. So to get the real details of his article, we need to search his references further, and I couldn't find any ...:(
Great - many thanks !!
I'd also note (as does the U-Haul site too) that the pic they show doesn't look ANYTHING like the right part (36335) which is as noted above made by Curt (12254).
That and the site is where I drew my observation from 0:)
Welcome Ian, look further up this thread for aftermarket solutions for the hitch...
I joined this forum just to respond to this thread. My family has a 2014 VW Tiguan. When we bought it I required one that came with the OEM Towing package. It works great.

Why on earth would the Q3 not have a tow pack available if the Tiguan does?

I am especially annoyed about this because I was thinking to add a Q3 to the family, but it NEEDS a tow pack :|
You can the SAME kit from the Tiguan for your Q3 ... If you can find one. The 2016s will have OEM parts for this but they'll be dear -
Thanks for the tip. I live in North OC and my Q3 arrives next month. Glad to know of a local solution for the trailer hitch!
Hey, welcome to the forum - hope you're finding us a cool place to hang out while your car is coming ...
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You have to remove the original bumper and replace it with the hitch. Is that a concern for anyone?
Actually you only have to remove a clipped cut-out (for a hitch) in the bumper cover - it's not so hard ...
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