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I get very frustrated controlling my phone or SD card or Ipod on my steering wheel with the buttons. If I've been listening to music and the last screen I have on before I shut off the car is the song list it never shows back up when I get back into the car. I ALWAYS see the "main" screen that shows the mileage left until the next fill up. Thats' one thing that drives me crazy

The other thing....The sales guy when I bought the car told me when you want to advance up to the top of the folder or to the next folder you hold down one of the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. That has never worked for me. Either I have to manually get to the top of the folder using the dial (and that takes forever too) or I have to use the dial on the left of the steering wheel and spin it until it finally takes me to the top, click it and then it says "folder up".

I can't believe with all the technology in the car you have to manually do these things ?
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The back button over the MMI knob is quicker for going back up a folder tree.
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