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Radio Not Returning to Favorites after Ignition Shut Off

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Hi all, I am not sure if this question has been asked (I searched and didn't see anything). I recently purchased a 2021 Q3. What happens with the radio is a little frustrating. I have all my stations in the Favorites area and really only scroll between those stations. When I shut the car of more more than 10-15 minutes, when I get back in the car, the radio comes on but is not in Favorites anymore it is on some random station in Sirius radio area. My favorites are a mix of Sirius, FM and AM stations. Very frustrating that I need to go into the radio and click over to Favorites all the time. I brought it in for this issue and the dealer gave me a loaner Q5, also a 2021. I set the radio up the exact same way and it always returned to the Favorites area when starting up. I had the loaner for two days. The service technician does not know why it happens. He checked another Q3 and said it behaves the same way. After shutting off for more than 10-15 minutes, the radio goes back to another area and does not stay in Favorites.

I asked why the Q5 works as it should and the Q3 does not restart in the Favorites area when it was shut off (and does not always go back to the same station in Sirius or anywhere else). He had no answer. It is literally the same exact software. Any thoughts?????
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Push and hold the power/volume knob and hold until the system restarts. It has worked for me. Your mileage may vary.
My favorites stayed for a few months but recently were lost again. I keep forgetting to make an appointment with the dealer.
I had my one year service last month. They said an update is coming “this quarter.” I’m not holding my breath.
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