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Rainy Day

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It might be raining here in Pittsburgh, but the snow is melting and I think Florett Silver looks particularly fetching under a cloudy sky. I might be biased...

Hope all of your Q3s are enjoying the rain, too!
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Nickjs1984, It does look good!!! Wait a couple of hours because its snowing pretty good here right now and its probably heading your way!!!
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Ack! No, no more snow! Haha. I feel like we are being punished for a really mild (freakishly mild, even) December...
Its all better weather than last winter so I am happy. Can't believe there still isn't a huge amount of snow on the ground in Toronto yet. It snowed today but its warm enough that a lot of it melted or turned to slush.

Your Q3 looks good in this picture. I'm sure it will look just as good in the sun though.
No snow on the ground in Toronto? That's highly unusual, isn't it? My friends and I used to go up in March every year of college and it was an icy, snowy mess in the city!

Yes, you are totally right, though: this winter could be a LOT worse.
gee, guffaw - my poor Q3 is sitting all nice and dry and clean (and 55 deg. too) snuggled up in my garage - hah !
Har-har, Roger...must be nice!
Well, it's not like it didn't get ANY attention today - I DID do some VCDS coding to make it happy ...
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What did you get coded today, sir?
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