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Rear doors - Keyless entry (not)

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Good day all,
Confirmed last night that the rear doors on the Q3 do not have the self locking/unlocking door sensors, or should I say self locking/unlocking doors. I was initially thinking that maybe they were keyless entry but childproofed or something like that... (Dealer confirmed that for access to the rear seat the doors must be unlocked using the either remote or the switch up front) At first look the rear door handles appear to have the sensors but I think that was done to minimize the parts and don’t imagine it goes any further than the handles. Seems a bit of a shortcut when you have keyless entry but not thru all of the doors... I know the rear hatch works with the keyless entry but unfortunately my wife tends to put more stuff on the rear seat than in the back. Does anyone know if it would be possible to mod the rear doors for keyless entry? My guess would be that it would get way too involved and complicated and probably void the warranty but I thought that it’s worth a question....

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!
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The key here is keyless (pun intended) meaning not using/clicking the remote. For example when locked I can open the passenger front door only if I choose and only that door will be unlocked or the rear hatch with the same result. Yes I was wanting the rear doors to open the same as either front door or the hatch and yes I learned late evening that the sensors are "fake".
My hope was that maybe someone knows if the "fakes" can be made "real"...
I checked ETKA and I don't see a way to integrate the sensors into the system to operate on the door active. The system just doesn't seem "wired" and programmed for that function. You might be able to wire them parallel with the fronts - looks like a daunting task though - but then you have them work just like the fronts anyway - just another 2 feet away. Hardly seems like worth the effort for just that functionality.
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