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Rear doors - Keyless entry (not)

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Good day all,
Confirmed last night that the rear doors on the Q3 do not have the self locking/unlocking door sensors, or should I say self locking/unlocking doors. I was initially thinking that maybe they were keyless entry but childproofed or something like that... (Dealer confirmed that for access to the rear seat the doors must be unlocked using the either remote or the switch up front) At first look the rear door handles appear to have the sensors but I think that was done to minimize the parts and don’t imagine it goes any further than the handles. Seems a bit of a shortcut when you have keyless entry but not thru all of the doors... I know the rear hatch works with the keyless entry but unfortunately my wife tends to put more stuff on the rear seat than in the back. Does anyone know if it would be possible to mod the rear doors for keyless entry? My guess would be that it would get way too involved and complicated and probably void the warranty but I thought that it’s worth a question....

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!
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On the car option you can set it up so it unlocks all the doors, I only hace to Touch the front handle (no need to open the door) and all 4 door get unlocked.
As delivered the touch sensor is configured for opening drivers door only. This makes sense when you consider your wife opening the door in a dark parking lot, you don't want the bad guys on the ground on the far side gaining entry. You change that in the MMi.
Also, on locking with the sensor, all open windows and the roof are closed if you hold the sensor for a few seconds. At least in Canada mine does. This came standard from Audi.
snip... I was hoping to find a solution that would only unlock the door that you wanted to open without opening all of the doors at the same time...
I have never heard of any car allowing you to select an individual door to open. Am I leading a sheltered life?
Any car I have tried usually lets one press of the remote mean open driver's door, and a second quick click opens the rest. The MMI setting reduces this to one click to open all and I am confused what else it could do for you?
Are you wanting the right rear to open by itself just by placing your hand on the handle with the keyless in your pocket? The rear door 'sensors' are fakes to save on parts count.
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My hope was that maybe someone knows if the "fakes" can be made "real"...
OK, now I am with you! And I do not know.
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