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Removing rear bumper lights

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I've got some LED reverse lights that I'd like to replace the stock lights with. I've seen some videos that show popping off the cover and using a T25 the screw holding the lights is able to be removed. I've used a light and looked at both sides, and am unable to see any screw waiting to be turned.
What am I missing (besides old & tired eyes)?
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The small square blank under the light pops off.
The screw is captive and does not come out, just loosen and the light unit should pull out.

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Thanks for that - I didn't realize it was so far up into the bumper. My phone flash wasn't bright enough - had to get a big flashlight out to see it!
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Resurrecting an old post. I've just tried to replace the off-side (right in UK) rear bumper indicator bulb.

Popping off the screw cover under the lights is easy if you follow the instructions in the manual (push the lower part inwards and lever out the top bit to make it come off).

Finding the light unit retaining screw is a complete nightmare. It is located above the left-most side of the panel. I guess the right-most side on the rear left light unit. It is a LONG way up. You will need a strong torch to see it. Now you've found it, please note that the screw-driver in the Audi supplied toolkit DOES NOT REACH IT. The manual says to use it. Don't bother. Use it as a guide to find a screwdriver that's at least another inch (2.5cm) longer.

Once you've loosened the screw the real fun begins. You have to pull out the light unit. After almost 2 hours I gave up. Mine just would not budge. I tried to lever it out with a screwdriver and simply broke bits of the lens plastic. I tried suction cups but it still wouldn't move.

Is there a trick I don't know about? It seems awfully difficult just to replace a blown bulb and I'm NOT going to get someone to do it for me. It should be a user serviceable part and the instructions should be good enough for any eejit to carry out the work.

Any help would be appreciated.
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