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Roll Call?!

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Considering, upon inspection, our Regional section isn't as active... I thought we could first try to condense everything into one big roll call ! Just to check in and say where we're from and see if we can find some groups of people :)

As you all can probably see from my signature, the names Bryan and I'm from Toronto. :D
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Craig, Maryland
New to the forums and going to be getting an Audi Q3 sometime early next year but, Luke from Calgary.
Niles from Indiana. I haven't been on here much but I just retired so hope to check in more often.
Boston, MA
What's the goal of this thread, exactly? Not being a smartass, I'm just not sure I understand.
Bryan - You can add your location to your profile and sig as many of us have so that you can see easily where folks are from ...
Check mine at left -
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