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Roof Rack for Kayaks

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Does anyone have experience with a roof rack system to carry a kayak? I am trying to figure out the best base roof rack plus kayak carrier to use with it. Thanks in advance.
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I recommend the Thule Aeroblade Edge bars. Not only are they extremely quiet compared to other bars, since they are low proile and have a wind diffusion strip, but they also have what is called a t track system. The t track system allows you to add accessories carriers to the bars without needing to bolt the accessories AROUND the bars, they simply slide INTO the bars. This allows you to swap carriers on the fly, between kayak or bike or cargo rack, as well as open the panoramic sunroof without running into any mounting hardware. I don't have personal experience with Thule 's kayak carrier but they are a very reputable brand so I'm sure it is top of the line. I do have personal experience with the Aeroblade Edge bars and thules bike carriers and cargo rack and can't recommend them enough.
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The best Kayak carrier is the thule hullavator. This is the only roof carrier that will save you from scratching the car, especially is you have to load/unload the kayak by your self. Cons, they are expensive and doesn't work neither the OEM bars or the Thule Aeroblade Edge. They require a bar system that extends about 6 inches passing the roof rail.

My second option will be the Thule Slipstream, it has weight and width limitations. but depending on your kayak it may be a good option. also has some good carriers and loading systems, but they don't seem as strong as the thule systems.

had you consider a trailer instead?
Thanks for the feedback. I had considered a trailer, but honestly don't have anywhere to store one. It seems like the roof carrier would be a better option. Will look into the Thule Hullivator. I looked at Malone, but I'm not sure they have a kit for the Q3
Seems like you both recommend Thule... I'm leaning that way myself.
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