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RSQ3 to Canada?

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Anyone with credible info? Might it be 2018?
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I have yet to hear anything about this.
But a great place to start might be with your dealer to see what they know and what they think might happen.
I'm thinking Audi will wait on the TT cross-over intro first - cuz the TTRS will be soon on its heels. Ditto the RS3. If those segments look strong THEN I think they'd consider the RSQ3 here (NAR) and it would then be a 2017-2018 model. I'll be poking some high Audi folks about it at Daytona ...
I agree that the Audi TT crossover is likely high on the priority list. It seems like it would really play to what the market is demanding right now. Weird crossover sport car things.
Yah, they need to put a hatchback on it know, get all Aztek-y. Maybe some racing stripes. <sarcasm>
Good point on the TT crossover, i can see how important that is to them to release when they want to.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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