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S-Tronic Clutch Touch Point Calibration in VCDS?

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I have searched for the sequence of how to perform a touch point adaption in the S-Tronic 7-DSG transmission. Has anyone a guide who can be shared in VCDS here?

Which is valid for the wet clutch transmission
The only guide I have found is a clip (pasted below) but it doesn't state exactly of how it's done, and I would be surprised if the vehicle can be moving when this is performed.

The reason is that I think take-off performance is bad, slightly stalling the ICE when starting Creeping or Launch. Also: 2->3 Shifts have poor shift quality. Oil was changed in the workshop at 60000 km but no adaption was carried out afterwards.

If anyone knows the SW-Partnumber of the Latest transmission software, I would also be interested in this.

Best regards
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Rickard -

Most of us in the NAR at least have a Tiptronic which has a torque convertor not the dual clutch pack - so this may be for most Eu or RoW folks to respond to ... please speak up if you can help -
After a while I've found this Guideline: 02E 0BH 0B5 Clearing & Relearning Shift Adapts_SINS.pdf
Will purchase a updated VCDS version (mine is from 2004) and get back in the game.
...interesting - as I said we in the NAR don't have the DSG in our Q3s, so most of us cannot do this - I'd be interested in what some of our EU folk think of this - CocoPops - you out there?? This is right up your alley ...
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