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Sales Race: Q3 vs GLA vs NX

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3 hot new products are about to enter the luxury compact crossover race simultaneously. the Q3, GLA and NX will all be vying for a near identical pool of dollars. They don't differ much in terms of kit, fit and overall product/brand experience. So whats the difference?

I think its all going to be decided by supply.

You know who is poised to have the best stream of supply? Yup the Audi..

The GLAs will be coming exclusively out of Hungary for the time being
The NX is built at a lone Japanese facility
The Q3 will be built at 3 different facilities.

If my math serves me correct it seems (ostensibly perhaps) that the Q3 will have three times the supply of the GLA and NX, meaning a far more pleasant experience for consumers. I wonder how many will be enticed by the lack of wait time for the Q3 ;)
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Once there starts to be delays, this could be a huge factor in sales. If you are looking into a NX, and then they say you would have to wait 2 months in order to receive it, you could possibly head to Audi since they are willing to sell you one straight off the lot.
They're not on lots yet, about the end of this month for the initial pipeline - allocations are small though, perhaps 2-3 cars per. My order last week will prolly have a late October ETA...
Good to know, can't wait to finally see them!
Delays suck. I think that stopping delays for these companies is paramount in this battle. It could radially affect sales. I will be paying close attention.
It almost always happens, as a consumer you just have to learn to expect it
That's true but I don't think that all of these companies will have delays. That is going to make all the difference, even once the delays stop I think that sales will still be affected.
Yeah they will likely will still be effected, it's just part of it all unfortunately.
The other thing we need to keep in mind is that the Europeans usually take most if not all of the month of August off for yearly holiday/vacation. That is already affecting the Q3 pipeline as far as orders go. Those cars ordered up until about the middle of July are affected by this...
good point, thanks for letting us know that as it is a major factor into it all. we'll just have to be patient and remember this is for the long term
Q3 can't arrive soon enough for Audi, they sold 5001 Q5's and Q7's last month, compared with 9,038 total MB SUV sales and 6,074 BMW X series sales. Even with Audis less robust SUV offers they still totaled 34% of their total US brand sales, clearly the Q3 is imperative moving forward...
At leas they're keeping up with most of the industry in this segment, once sales finally kick off they should be looking good when it comes to monthly sales.
At leas they're keeping up with most of the industry in this segment, once sales finally kick off they should be looking good when it comes to monthly sales.
Come to a race - COTA would be a good place to start - talk with Scott and others at AudiUSA top. See and hear how Audi is building a brand fan base, not just pumping out sales month by month, although their prime directive is moving that pointer as well, and in a more permanent, longer term direction.

My own story is not that unique - 30 BMWs over 25 years - Ultimate Driving Machine turned to Ultimate Poseuring Machine, now on 5th Audi in 8 years and not looking back. When I can be treated royally at a WEC LMP race and chat, actually have influencing conversation with the pres of AudiUSA and others and I KNOW this based on results (RS5 here, RS7 here, Q5 TDI & SQ5 here, Q3 here, R8 GT & V10+ here, certain options - start/stop, Drive Select, flat bottom steering wheels, ceramic brakes, higher performance TDIs, expanded Audi Exclusive, all here or coming soon), while peering around the highest tech heading into road cars, and chatting with the mechanics and drivers of those cars - THAT builds brand loyalty and continuing purchase strength beyond a single month of sales ...
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Building a fan and brand goes a long way, it's good they show that they're in this for the long haul and not just looking to make some quick sales. Good for both them and the consumer.
Just did a comparison of both with the same options.

I paid $37,725 for my Q3, while the GLA comes out to $43,000 before talking.

IMO price alone will dictate which way buyers are going to be heading.
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