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Here's a little DYI "how to" install Sequential Turn Signals on both Q3 mirrors.
I was bored one night and was thinking of mods that I want to accomplish on my 2016 Audi Q3 Prestige.
I was browsing AliExpress online and came across these:
Cost was $17.39 USD for the set, with shipping it was about $28.07 USD, it did take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Tools I used were:
Rubber suctions, non-marring plastic trim remover, T10 bit with screwdriver, small Philips screwdriver and a couple of small sized different Flathead screwdrivers.

Here are the lights:
thumbnail (6).jpg

I used some rubber suctions with key rings to help remove the mirror part of the assembly.
thumbnail (19).jpg

Next, I brought a small ladder with some boxes to lay the mirror part down, there are two connectors (bottom left of the mirror, green and brown wires) to the mirror that I could not unplug and did not want to break. So I left them alone.

With the mirror out of the way you will have something like this.
thumbnail (4).jpg

Remove that middle torx/bolt with the T10 Torx bit screwdriver. This is a long thin torx/bolt holding the mirror motor, once the removed, the round piece itself can be wiggled out, but disconnect the wiring square connector before moving out of the way.

thumbnail (20).jpg

With the mirror motor out of the way, there is only two torx screws to remove and one regular screw. (3 total)
(Pictures below, Left to Right) Small regular Philips Screw, and the two T10 torx screws..
thumbnail (2).jpg
thumbnail (1).jpg

Once those the screws are removed, the next step is one of the more challenging aspects of this project.
The bottom black plastic piece of the mirror cover snaps off and can be removed. I grabbed the bottom lip of the mirror cover (silver part) and pulled it towards me while separating the black piece, it help to have non-marring trip tools so you don't scratch the paint of the mirror cover. The black bottom piece has some tabs on it, so if you have trouble removing it, ensure the tabs are not stuck latched on.

thumbnail (9).jpg

This black trim piece of the mirror cover pretty much keeps everything held together. With this removed and out of the way, the mirror cover becomes loose and can be completely removed after disconnecting the blind spot connector and the turn signal connector. You will also have to manage moving the actual mirror piece through the mirror cover itself. Not hard to do.

Next, you want to use a thin smaller flathead screwdriver to disconnect the blind spot connector (white and blue wires) and the mirror turn signal (yellow and white wires).

thumbnail (10).jpg
thumbnail (11).jpg

Check out
Sequential Turn Signals (Mirror) [PART 2]


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just curious, did you use audi certified parts?
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