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This is the second part on the DIY "how to" install aftermarket Sequential Turn Signals to your Q3.
I had to do two parts due to the attachment limit of 10 pics per Post.

By now, if you followed Sequential Turn Signals (Mirror) [PART 1], you should be able to take your mirror cover completely off to work on removing the old stock turn signal and installing the new sequential one.

thumbnail (12).jpg

Here is my mirror cover with the stock turn signal, this is held on by two T10 Torx screws.
thumbnail (17).jpg
thumbnail (16).jpg

Once you remove those two Torx screws, as gentle as you can (to preserve the stock turn signal) wiggle and pull out the stock Turn Signal from the mirror cover casing.

thumbnail (15).jpg

You'll be left with this and I cleaned the inside of my mirror cover (not shown) before installing the aftermarket Sequential Turn Signal. Installing the new Sequential Turn Signal can be tricky and may require some patience. Line the new piece up, and slowly insert it to the casing. It may take a little force, but make sure you do not break the new turn signal in the process. Once you have it lined up and in the mirror cover case, use the two Torx screws to secure it in place.

New Sequential on Top. Old Stock on Bottom:
thumbnail (5).jpg

After securing the new Sequential turn signal, go back and connect the Turn Signal connector (yellow and white wires) and activate your Hazard Lights, ensure its working properly.
If everything looks good, connect the Blind Spot monitor back. Next, get everything ready to assemble the mirror back together.
Align the mirror cover with the mirror chassis, there are two clips on top that need to be seated correctly.
Inkedthumbnail (20)_LI.jpg

Once the mirror cover looks flush and is seated correctly, grab the bottom plastic trim piece (the one that was a pain to take off). I worked that piece in closest to the car and outward, once it starts snapping into place, it will just kinda snap on at once.

Now, screw the two T10 Torx screws on the bottom and the smaller Philips Screw on the top.

Grab the mirror motor and connect the connector back on, try and remember how it was facing when you took it off and jam it back on. (It sort of clips on 3 sides). Grab the long Torx thin bolt and screw it on the middle of the mirror motor.

Lastly, grab the mirror and align the back two curved hooks/pins the two brass/copper clips. Firmly push it in and you should hear a couple different clicks. With your thumbs, press on the middle of the mirror so that it catches on the motor clips. Once you think its secure, do a check of you mirror adjusting with the power settings.

That's it, you did it!!!

Check it out at

I am not a professional mechanic. By taking any information or education material from DIY Projects, you assume all risks for the material covered. I am not responsible for anyone's wrong doing.

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good stuff - thanks for posting
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