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Should I cancel Audi Care and gap?

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I recently purchased a new Audi q3, and during the visit to the finance and insurance office I was given all the typical offers. Well after some negotiation I actually decided to take the Audi care package which I think used to be similar to VW's complimentary maintenance program I had on my 13 Tiguan. Basically its a lot of checks, and they do replace some minor things such as hoses etc. She told me each service interval visit would be around 1200.00?

The gap insurance, and the maintenance package added about 50.00 to my monthly payment, and I'm thinking perhaps I should cancel them. I read on another forum prior to becoming a member theres another program underwritten by fidelity?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If I choose to cancel, do I contact Audi's N. America customer service directly, and should I expect it be hassle some? I'm a first time Audi owner.

Thank you!
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Check my response to your double of this post...
To make an informed decision....Call your local Audi Service department and ask for the price/costs of each interval, parts and labor included, and do the math. You will see that Audi Care is BENEFICIAL! A Service Dept. makes all the money on you when you DON'T have the Audi Care maintenance, and you buy an Audi without having the extended warranty. I learned this the hard way. German cars are not cheap to own, but there are ways to protect your pocket book, if you are smart.
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