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so I got the itch to modify the Q3 2016. I'm in the US and I have heard that the Q3 is similar to the VW line up but only on some parts.

the VW cars I have heard matches on specific things only. so far its the tiguan and the mk6. I don't know the years or exact submodels but if anyone knows I would appreciate all the help.

what I would like to get are:
dogbone mount
engine mounts
diverter valve
hi flo turbo discharge pipe
turbo muffler delete


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its time to modify a few items. I hope it will help with some pick up and go.

with all these researches I have been doing, I am going to start with neuspeed. they have a few items that will bolt on that supposed to fit right on the car.
I'm mostly using the VW golf gti 2.0T mk6 2010-2014 for parts.
I haven't found anything I need from the tiguan yet but if its downpipe and such I think ill have to use that car for the cross reference.

hi flo turbo discharge pipe #48 .02.93
hi flow air charge pipe #48 .02.68
power pulley kit #62 .10.92

spulen turbo muffler delete kit

might also do a exhaust muffler delete. its located right before the rear muffler.
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