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SQ3 - $51K base - Want One ? Buy One ?

SQ3 - would you want one- BUY one for $51K

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If you could buy an SQ3 : 2.0 TFSI 290 hp S-Tronic (DSG) Carbon Atlas trim, RS bumpers and grill, Sport Suspension (lowered about 20-25 mm) Flat bottom steering wheel in Air leather (like mine), matching leather shift boot (like mine), in Prestige trim - nice 19" or 20" wheels, would you line up to purchase with a base price of $51K??

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There are NO plans for an SQ3 - but a few folks have thought about how Audi might/could create one - so I put up the poll to see how y'all might respond. The engine is similar to what we already have albeit with a nice tune - this engine exists NOW in the S3, so THAT part is really pretty straightforward. The RoW already gets the DSG so THAT too is pretty straightforward - the rest are just bits here and there from the RSQ3 bin that would easily fit and add a few bucks. My guess at price is based mostly on what our cars already cost and the added bits to get where it would/could take...

If the poll shapes out a bit more before next weekend, I may take the results and the spec to the WEC race in Austin where I know I'll run into a few AoA seniors to see what they think - who knows. Audi is very keen on customer fans and what drives desire for models here - more so than I ever saw with Motorsport at BMW in my 30 car lifetime with them ...
The RSQ3 may come in the last year of the current line (before the jump to the MQB platform). This is usual for Audi and RS cars - but has changed slightly over the past few years. Meanwhile you must know that a similarly equipped (as Prestige) RSQ3 cost in the EU well over $60K (withOUT VAT) and most Q3 buyers here would simply shudder at that thought. So what do you think is "at a lower price" mean? $55K, $50K - see what I mean? An SQ3 MAY be possible - based on a business model to return the costs of bringing it here, but an RSQ3??? Perhaps Audi could sell 50 - maybe 100, shoot fire, maybe 500 - but would that make up the EASY $1M to certify it - I doubt it. You need to realize Audi make cars - great ones even - to MAKE MONEY - they already LOOSE money on several cars that they bring here in limited quantities - EVER R8 - EVERY RS, and most Ss - too - But they do it to bring those halo models here for US - to be sure WE have the chance to taste them - of course that helps improve their image - and doesn't hurt us either. It's just that can't bring everything here for the 5000 fans out of 300000 cars ...
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Unfortunately no - 2 reasons, 1st, my wife fell and hit her head badly (EMS and all that) so I cancelled the trip literally hours before I was to get on a plane, and 2nd, turns out that the guys at AoA I would've wanted to speak to about THIS weren't even there anyway - which would've been a larger disappointment had I made it. So - still on my mind when I get a chance to chat, possibly at Daytona or Sebring next year. Meanwhile, I wouldn't hold much stock in my ability to influence them on this as it's outside their market expectations for the platform while they DO focus on the upcoming RS3 sedan and possible TTRS ...
Interesting parts bin strategy.
If Europe already has the RSQ3, why not just take a few things off of that & export it to the US at a lower price?
That'll save on any extra R&D & really just ties us over until the next gen Q3 that can come fully packaged from the beginning as a RQ3.
This IS Audi's typical end of platform strategy - at least in the past. I suspect we'll see some sort of sport or sport plus version a year before the really new - not facelifted - version comes out. Look for it as a 2017 model ... prolly an SQ3 with a few RS bits, bumpers, rockers, Carbon Atlas interior trim, Alcantara here and there - and the 292 hp version of the CCTA - $52K
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