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I just installed a new rear backup camera and trunk latch from a seller on eBay who I've seen most Audi forum buyers have success with: 2013-2018 Audi A3 8v MIB & MMI Reverse Camera system Integration Interface kits | eBay

A couple weeks after finally getting everything successfully hooked up by using the CAN Bus connection under the steering wheel, I noticed that my rear lights randomly stopped working.

I was able to fix the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, but as soon as I open my rear trunk hatch the main lights in the hatch turn off and the car switches to using the backup lights in the bumper. Once this happens, that only way to get the main rear lights to come back on is by disconnecting the battery again. :(

Has any one found a solution to an issue like this? I thought it could be the battery, but tried a brand new battery and still have the same problem.

Here's the Q3 right after I reset the battery:

And then here's what it looks like after I open the trunk and it gets stuck in the other lighting mode:

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