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I did it. My car was empty and there I was with gazoline on my diesel car.... (2013 model)

The Audi company used close to 2 months to fix it. I NEVER started the engine...and my Audi service company says the damage was made by opening the doors.

Is it really possible to damage the engine, filters and «whatever» just by opening the doors?

Is it only the driver doors or all five doors?

The price for fixing this is close to 1/3 of new price. Can it really be true that opening doors (4-5 times, me one time and the resque company 3 times, and the Audi company 1 (??) time)) can make same damage as if you start the engine and drive?

I have asked for the main log, the process they have used and I want to look that man in the eye that started to fix my car.

Will I be able to see if some of the workers started my car too early in the process of emptying the tank?

I do know at what time and day when they started to work on the car, and when they called me to say that: after driving around in the neighborhood they got the signal of something is wrong in the engine/system.

Hope you’ll understand what I tried to explain. Excuse me for my bad english writing and strange vocabulary.

My insurance company will cover most of it, but to me I think the reason about opening doors...hmm.
And why doesn’t Audi solve this problem by making it impossible to tank wrong or install an alarm that goes on if you tank wrong?

And when you call the emergency number - they should say: don’t start the engine, and never ever never open the doors. Kids in the backseat could maybe climb out of the window or having a great party while waiting to be resqued....???

Hope anyone can explain and help me to understand. Thanks for reading this far!

I’m going to meet the Audi company tomorrow morning..

? Make me love Audi again
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